Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nice Cool Juice RECIPES 4 Summer Fun

I wanted to share with you 2 Cool New Summer Time Juice Recipes. Make these up and keep them nice and cold. Take then in the cooler to the pool with you or freeze then into Popsicle or Slush for that perfect dessert.
 The Accelator 
1 Athana Cantaloupe or (2 Regular Cantaloupes)
2 cups Black Grapes
3 Large thick Carrots
1 Large Cucumber
½ Lime
Juice all together and serve Cold.
My husband named this juice based on what it he said it did for his workout after he had an 8 oz glass. This juice is loaded with yours vegetables if you make sure to get large cucumbers and carrots. Yet the cantaloupe and black grapes are the star of the show! So smooth and oh so delicious!

Today on my 71st day of my Juice Cleanse I have fresh peaches in the house and wanted to create something that showcased the peaches yet was not overly *peachy*. Here is my Peach Supreme.
Peach Supreme by Sandi
5 Peaches
2 Cups Red Grapes
1 Cup Strawberries
1 Large thick Carrot
1 Large very big Cucumber
Juice all the above together and  drink over ice.
I wanted to create a fun and exciting dessert for us to have and of course I am only *eating* juice so after putting on on my thinking cap I am up with something like an Italian Ice without the extra sugar. 
Just pure and wonderful juice...and of course ice!
Really simple to make. Take 2 cups of your Peach Supreme Juice and add it to 1 cup of ice in a blender. Blend on the *grate* making sure to hold on tight to the lid so that you don't have a mess.  Add a more ice to your  blender as needed until you get the consistency of Italian Ice (shown above). 
Spoon into serving bowls and place in the freezer if you will be serving within an hour or so or you can leave it in the blender jug and place it into your fridge for up to 4 hours.  You will not want to garnish with anything if it is for juicers. Right before you serve it squeeze a small amount of fresh lime juice...a mean small, less than  1/4 teaspoon for a serving dish. If it is for anyone not juicing garnish with a sprig of mint leaf or grate a little bit of fresh lime zest.
Hope you enjoyed today's Cold Summer Recipes.

Tomorrow we'll be talking about What You Can Do With Some of Your Pulp for the Non Juicer's in Your Family. It's a really Yummo Salsa!
Stay Juicy

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