Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bountiful Basket Cabbage Soup Recipe

Come by Living the Shweet Life and read all about how this recipe came to be.
Cabbage soup
1 head of cabbage chopped
1 half head of Napa Cabbage chopped
8 nice size roma tomatoes chopped
1 white or yellow onion chopped
6 carrots chopped into bite size disc
2 carrots to be finally chopped
1 hatch or bell pepper chopped
1 jalapeno pepper seeded and chopped (if you like heat add 2)
1 head of garlic minced
½ head of cauliflower flowers chopped
Sea salt to taste
2 teaspoons pepper
Put all the above into a large of water except for the 2 carrots and ¼ of the cabbage head.
Bring to a boil and turn down to medium.
Last... chop the 2 carrots along with the ¼ head of lettuce.( I use my Ninja on pulse to do this.)
Add the finely chopped carrots and cabbage to the boil and continue to cook.  The soup is done when the cauliflower is soft. It usually takes about a hour to hour and half on medium heat. Make sure the water doesn't go down.

This makes a HUGE pot of soup that we eat on all week long. If you eat quinoa, cook some in water or veggie stock and add to a bowl topping with the soup. This makes a wonderful and healthy  meal all year long.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mango Black Bean Salsa for Summer

Want a wonderful healthy salsa that can be eaten with chips and even as a side dish... Look no further than this recipe for Mango Black Bean Salsa. By using as much fresh produce as you can find this is not only healthy but very tasty too.
Mango Black Bean Salsa for Summer
1 can of organic corn (strained, soaked in water and drained)
1 can of black bean organic (strained, soaked in water and drained)
8 roma tomatoes (well diced)
3 jalapenos (well diced... If you like heat leave the membrane and seeds in)
1 large onion (well diced)
2 mangoes (well diced)
1 lime juiced
1 lemon juiced
salt to taste

Before starting strain 1 can of corn into a strainer and run water over until it runs clear. Place this corn into a large bowl. Now do the same thing with the can of black beans. Place the beans into the bowl with the corn and cover with cold water. Let this stand while you prepare the rest of your salsa.
(Why you ask this step? By allowing canned produce to sit in water for at least 5 minutes you will remove the salt content and also the "tin" taste.)

I have discovered the power of my Ninja so that is what I used to create this summertime salsa. You can do it by hand if you want.
I placed half the tomatoes, onion and jalapenos in the Nimja and pulsed 5 times. Remove to a large bowl. Add the remainder of the tomatoes, mangoes, lime and lemon and pulse. (I add the entire lemon and lime but you can just juice it into the bowl if you want.)
Place this mixture into the bowl with the other half and stir. 
Now take your large bowl of corn and black beans and drain it from the water. Add the corn and beans to the fresh produce you just cut up and mix well. Add salt to taste.
This salsa is good with fresh chips ( I love it with shweet potato chips or beet chips...hubby eats it with corn tortilla chips. My husband puts this salsa on his Pizza for a little bit of healthy LOL.)
I love to eat this as a side dish...who am I kidding I eat this as a stand alone dinner many time. Grab a good green juice and my Mango Black Bean Salsa and I am set for the night.
Love to hear how you like to use this recipe.
Shweet Sandi