Friday, May 18, 2012

Shweet Tomato Juice...YUMMO MY V8

I love V8 Juice BUT it has way to much salt and other stuff in it that I just do NOT want to put into this body any longer. So I set about playing around in the kitchen one day when hubby was away at work. I decided after several attempts at creating the *prefect* V8 that I would just created one that we both loved and call it my SHWEET TOMATO JUICE.  As you can guess from my recipes I create them for two people at least and usually make them for a pitcher size.
Here is the one we both agree'd is our Favorite one.

Shweet Tomato Juice

2 cups of red grapes
1 sweet green onion
5 stalks of celery ( you may add more if you like your tomato juice saltier)
2 large carrots (4 if they are smaller)
1 large hand of FRESH basil
1lime peeled
1 large cucumber
10 -12 Roma  Large Tomatoes

Juice all your items together. Make sure to juice the green onion and basil before the cucumber and tomatoes so that their liquids will clean out all the herbal goodness. Taste to see if you need to add any of the veggies or fruits to adjust for YOUR tastes.
Save your pulp in freezer safe bags or boxes for sauces. I'll have a post about that soon on here and also in the Living the Shweet Life Blog too.

This juice can be served cold or can be served luke warm as a soup. Never heat more than 118 degrees
Recipe was created in ~My Tree House Kitchen

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