Friday, May 18, 2012

Shweet Italian Style Juice

I like to experiment in the kitchen much like a mad Scientist does in the lab. Only I think I am luckier 'cause I get to taste what I create when I am finished mixing up the veggies and fruits.  This is one of my Tomato Juices that I drink about once a week to make sure that I get my weekly dose of turnips. Turnips have a beneficial effect on the urinary system, purify the blood and aid in the elimination of toxins.You can use both the greens and the bulb of you wish. I can't use the greens due to a stomach issue, but the bulb is nice and mild when juiced, not at all like the cooked critter.

Shweet Italian Style Juice

12 Large Roma Tomatoes
6 Carrots (if carrots are think use 4)
3 Sweet Green Onions
1 small Turnip Bulb
1 Large Handful of FRESH Basil
2 Large Cucumbers (peeled)
( You can add 3 stalks of Celery )

Juice all above and serve. This makes more than a glass so share with a friend or love one. Make sure to juice the Sweet Green Onion and Basil before you juice your Cucumbers so that the Cucumbers will remove all the nice yummy herbal goodness.
Created in my ~ Tree House Kitchen~

Make sure to save your pulp and store it in your freezer in a freezer safe storage bag or box I will be showing your ways to use your pulp to create sauces, make cakes and even use it in things like meat loafs (if you eat meat still).

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