Monday, January 7, 2013

Popeye's Blueberry Juice

I love to create Juice Recipes much like I used to love to create food recipes. So this weekend I went into the kitchen and played around with my food. This is one of my newest recipes I came up with. This might not look like it tastes good but it is amazing.

I call it my Popeye Blueberry Juice.
12 oz of Spinach
6 oz of Beet Tops (if you have them)
12 oz of Strawberries hulls included
6 Granny Smith Apples
12 oz of frozen Blueberries (thawed) or fresh
2 Large Oranges

Wrap the greens with the strawberries and apples as you juice them to get the most juice. Follow with the blueberries and the rest of your apples and the oranges.
Pure energy and very yummy.
Til later Stay Healthy

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