Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Heart and Liver Booster Juice Recipe

It's been 14 months since I started my journey with juice. While I have come a very long way, I still have a longer way to go. You can read more about my journey at Living The Shweet Life
Today I wanted to share with you my newest juice.  One I created to help boost my heart and liver health.
Couple of hints: When you juice the beet peel it. That will help to cut down the earthy taste many folks say beets have. If you taste your juice and it still has that earthy taste add more lemon.

If you are juicing organic carrots just wash well, no need to peel.

If you are not giving the juice to anyone under the age of 12 there is no need to core your apples. Your juicer will remove the seeds for you. Clean the skin of all produce well. Apple peel has a large amount of it vitamins and nutrients so juice it if at all possible.

What each Produce can do for you.
Red Grapes-antioxidant, anticancer, potassium and protect the heart
Orange and Lemon-antioxidant, anticancer, high vitamin C, help improve mental clarity
Celery-diuretic, anticancer,helps to lower blood pressure
Beets-antibacterial,antioxidant,tonic, liver,gallbladder and kidney cleanser, and strengthens liver and gallbladder
Apples-digestive health, diuretic, detoxifying, laxative, lowers blood cholesterol, liver stimulant. The peels are known to treat, gout, rheumatism and urinary tract issues. Apples help remove toxins from your body. They are high in Vitamins A, B, C
***NOTE:  I always want to remind folks when they are eating or juicing beets that the color it goes in is the color it comes out. Don't be scared when you hit the Loo.***

Enjoy each day See you tomorrow with a new juice,

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