Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tomato Basil Juice- Oh What an Amazing Juice This One IS!

Wanted to share with you my new favorite juice...Tomato Basil Juice. Look at the beautiful glass of juice! The separation shows you the amber glow of Fresh PURE Tomato Juice! Topped off with the Gorgeous, Delicious Red ...Can't you just taste it now?
Tomato Basil Juice
8-10 Beef stake Tomatoes (can use roma but you will need 15-18 Roma's)
1 large handful of fresh Basil
4 green onions (only the bulbs and 2 inches up the stem)
1 clove of Garlic
Black Pepper to taste.
Juice all the veggies & fruit above and place in a container. Add  pepper to taste.

After you clean up don't throw away that pulp! Save it for a Tomato Basil Sauce... store your pulp in a bag or container in the fridge until you have time to make it into a sauce. It can also be frozen.
Sauce Recipe to come in a few days...until then grab some Tomatoes and Basil and get your Juice On!
Stay Juicy

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  1. I've only been juicing for 7 days now. I searched for a tomato basil juice and loved this (although I used less tomatoes) it was nice to have something that tasted like "normal food". lol. Thanks for the recipe.